Emman-Pelumi has been into music since he was little, he really didn’t have the means and opportunity to carry out his career and show people what he can do when it comes to music till he moved to the United States of America. Emman-Pelumi was Born in Lagos Nigeria, he is now based in the U.S. He has been exposed to various genres of music compared to just the one he is used to listening to which is Afro beats. Since he has moved here he has been trying hard to create his own position in the music industry. He released his Debut album February 14 2019 with amazing musics in the album which had songs from many genres including afro beats. Emman-Pelumi is aiming to reach the heart of both old and new-age music lovers. He is confident of having them as his friends and his fans and with a pulsating music, one would love to listen to his musics.

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